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"Ridiculous...absolutely ridiculous," the man thought to himself as he meandered down the cracked sidewalk of a dilapidated town. While the sun had already begun its descent from the sky, the lingering heat and humidity of summer still emanated from the surrounding air. Despite the arguably miserable weather, which betrayed his attire consisting of a white collared shirt and suit jacket, the man's annoyance seemed to stem from something else entirely. "It's one thing to be called at the last minute for a job and another to be sent to the edge of society to accomplish said job," he mumbled to himself as a he turned off of the main street and begun making waking his way up a hill, "...but to send me off at the last possible moment to the middle of nowhere is really unreasonable. I should really demand extra for this..."

In the distance, at the top of the incline he was slowly making his way towards, one could spot the unmistakable shape of a church. In actuality, calling it a mere church would be an extreme understatement. Despite the underwhelming nature of the surrounding town, highlighted by it's outdated buildings and worn streets, the church at the top of hill was nothing short of a magnificent cathedral surrounded by an extensive graveyard. Raevyn recalled from his brief research on the location of his assignment that the town had sprung up around a half a century ago after roughly two dozen men from the area died in some foreign war. At the time these soldiers were praised as national heroes, and the church swooped in with the claim that they would support the community during their loss. Without delay they erected their oversized house of worship and businesses followed suit, setting up shop in the vicinity. Unfortunately, the promise of salvation proved to be insufficient in the long run and the town never grew much larger than the form it had taken soon after its birth. Slowly, but surely, the town was all but forgotten, a shadow of some time immemorial.

Regardless, there were still a handful of souls that still called this place their home. It was from one of these people that Raevyn had received the call. "A demon targeting the church," he thought to himself as he stood before the building's double doors. Pushing his way into building with his free hand, while clutching a cloth wrapped object with the other, the devil hunter strolls into the building...